Nakuru Brothels Offering Cheap Sex in Nakuru Town

Nakuru Brothels; Here are places to find cheap sex in Nakuru Town.

Flesh peddling is a thriving trade in Nakuru Town. However, unlike in cities like Las Vegas and closer home Nairobi, where many Escorts who roam town are high-end call girls, in Nakuru, many of the massage service providers are low-class school dropouts.

Those girls started having sex for money with men long before they even sat their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE). After being worn out, and considering the ‘purchasing power’ of their customers in Nakuru, these call girls have set up cheap brothels where any horny drunkard can afford.


Nakuru Brothels; Here are places to find cheap sex in Nakuru Town.


Here are some of the places to get cheap sex in Nakuru

Kanu street

This street has the cheapest Nakuru Call Girls. Old milfs who have seen many days in the streets. It is only that they have refused to hang the Nakuru prostitute ways. Their major customers are old drunks. With even Sh100, you can bed a woman here in one of the outdoor areas.


This is within Nakuru’s CBD. Here Girls are a bit pricey, and they will ask for one bottle before you go between the sheets. But don’t be conned, no more pay than Sh300.

Baringo lodge

This is one of the most notorious sex dens in Nakuru town. Opposite it is her sister Three Ways. Here girls have a Chama and have agreed to set their price at Sh300 per shot. You can however bargain and pay Sh200, as long you jerk off quickly!

Ndumu in Maili Sita

The last time this writer visited the place. It was extremely cheap that schoolboys had disguised adults and went to sample hookers. Shots here is Sh100 and accommodation Sh100.

Kiambuthia lodge

If you have no intentions of undressing a woman, avoid this place like the plague. Here they first give you a glimpse of what you will get if you commit your Sh500. They flash their privates, give you boobs to touch and so much drama as they shout uncle! uncle!


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